You have arrived at RHK UW Productions & Design, the website of photographer, travel writer, and Master Color Printer Rod Klein.
Underwater is our specialty but we also have a full photo studio and a custom photo studio pool. The web galleries have
images from exotic world destinations , artistic images made in the studio pool, images of people & places, and a fun video gallery.

Underwater photo instruction is one of our specialties and after almost three years of design & construction what was a dream has become reality.
We are located in Venice Beach, Ca. We have a full photo studio and a custom built 11ft studio pool with viewing windows on a lower level. We shoot underwater, lifestyle, and fashion. We shoot a Phase One 60 MP camera, Nikon D800E, Nikon D3X, and D3. We use Seacam, Sea & Sea, and Nauticam underwater housings. The pool has custom mounts embedded which allows us to locate our underwater strobes in 30 different locations in the pool, thereby getting the strobes off of the camera housing and allowing total creative lighting control.


Video: Behind The Scenes: Underwater Fashion Photoshoot: Venice Beach
Studio Pool with Photographer Rod Klein & Model Vartuhi Oganeysan
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We are now offering “in water photo workshops” in our custom designed 11ft deep saltwater studio pool. Think of it this way:
You spend $5000-$8000  on a camera and underwater housing / $2000-$3000 on strobes and accessories / $2000-$8000
on a dive trip where you will try out your new rig. But wait, you are spending your entire trip trying to figure out your camera system
and miss most of the shots you had hoped to get on this once in a lifetime trip. 
Maybe it would be a good idea to take a weekend in water workshop and really learn how to use
your system BEFORE you go on that trip.
Think about it. We will take your underwater photography to another level....promise.
We offer full digital photo instruction in our custom pool as well as Photoshop digital photo editing workshops.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
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Photo Studio
Underwater Photo Shoot