Rodger Klein is an artist focusing on objective and non-objective underwater imagery. After earning an MFA in studio art, Rodger has had an eclectic career: artist, video artist, video editor, special effects designer, director, scuba instructor, dive guide, and highly published underwater photographer.  His career has been so diverse and long that it is difficult to summarize his overall experience in a resume. After spending a number of years photographing marine life, Rodger went back to his artist roots and has been creating large archival prints in his studio from images shot in his custom designed studio pool. 

Prior to his interest in marine life Rodger has exhibited IN both one person and group shows and was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant. As an interesting aside, he was in one of the very first ARTISTS SHOWN at the renowned LA Louver Gallery.He has also written extensively for many dive and adventure publications, has been a judge at international photo contests, and taught many workshops. He has travelled extensively, primarily to Asia and the Golden Triangle of Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. 

 His next exhibition will be in April 2017 at the Tool Room Gallery, Ventura Museum of Art.


Master of Fine Arts / Studio Art                                                                                                                 
University of California Los Angeles

Awarded Teaching Fellowship
Bachelor of Art  University of California Los Angeles

Art Center College of Design
Los Angeles

Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Master Scuba Diver Trainer 

National Endowment For The Arts Grant


Photography & Video                                                                                                                                  
University of California Los Angeles

Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles
Photo Workshops: Cayman Islands, Belize, Turks&Caicos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji



Scuba Diving Magazine, USA
Sport Diver Magazine,USA
Asian Diver Magazine, Singapore
Asian Geographic Magazine, Singapore
Action Asia, Australia
Tauchen, Germany
EZDive, Taiwan & USA


Gloria Delson Contemporary Artt ( 2018))
Ventura Museum of Art ( 2017)
Venice Art Walk Studio Tour ( 3 years )
LA Louver, 5 Video Artists
Satchi Art
Long Beach Museum
Eytinge Gallery, Los Angeles
New Photographics, Washington State College
Contemporary Photography, University of Nebraska